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Thank you for your interest in providing feedback during the 2nd Open Public Consultation!


If you have not already registered as a stakeholder, please send an email to  (with copy to

This 2nd consultation for the Marine Fish PEFCR project will take place from 17 June - 15 July 2024. The documents for review can be downloaded from this page (see below) as well as from the European Commission’s stakeholder workspace (see below for details).


Please be sure to provide your input using the comment form templates (also provided below: there is one for comments on the PEFCR (and related Excel files) and another for comments on the PEF-RP report and results).


Comment form templates:


The following documents are available for your review/comment:

  1. Marine Fish PEFCR Draft v7 - 120624 PC2

  2. Marine Fish PEFCR Inventory Data v5 - 120624 PC2

  3. Marine Fish PEFCR Feed emission mass balance model - 120624 PC2

  4. Marine Fish PEFCR DQR v1 - 120624 PC2

  5. Marine Fish PEF-RP Report v5 - 120624 PC2

  6. Marine Fish PEF-RP Results v5 - 120624 PC2


These files are for your reference/information:

To submit your comments, please go to the European Commission’s stakeholder workspace and follow the directions there to upload your comments. If you need

help uploading your comments to the EC’s workspace, please contact with copy to and

We look forward to your feedback!

Many thanks in advance for your interest and contribution to this work.

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